Organic Nitrite Free Streaky Bacon (100g)


Nitrite Free Streaky Bacon made with Organic Pork from Traditional Breeds (6 Slices approx 100g)

Our Nitrite Free Streaky Bacon is also free from Nitrates and any other artificial ingredients or preservatives.

We cure the pork with sea salt and molasses for two weeks, which naturally draws out the moisture. We then wash the bacon to remove excess salt, and hang for a further 10 days to produce a truly spectacular traditional bacon!

Why choose nitrite free bacon?

The World Health Organisation has classified preserved meats as a probable carcinogen, and the nitrates and nitrites used to cure most commercial bacon identified as the most likely culprit.

Why isn’t all bacon nitrite free?

Curing bacon using nitrites and nitrates is much quicker and easier than using a traditional salt based cure, so is easier to do on an industrial scale. It gives the bacon a longer shelf life, and the bright pink colour with which people have become familiar. We hand cure our bacon over a period of over 3 weeks as we believe that quality and health are more important than speed and profit!

What’s the difference between NitrAtes and NitrItes?

Nitrates and Nitrites are two different groups of chemicals, both of which can be used in the curing process. Most “normal” bacons and hams use a mix of both. Both nitrates and nitrites are classed as probable carcinogens.

Beware “baconwashing” where companies claim their bacon is free from nitrites, but is actually cured with nitrites, and vice versa!

Aren’t nitrates found in large quantities in healthy vegetables?

Yes, nitrates are found in high concentrations in many vegetables, particularly in leafy greens such as spinach and rocket.

It seems that the carcinogens are created when the nitrates are exposed to the very high temperatures involved in frying or grilling. You can eat your spinach raw or steamed – steamed bacon is not so tasty!

Beware “Natural Flavouring”

Some bacon producers use “natural flavourings” such as “dehydrated celery juice”. This is more baconwashing as these are just another form of nitrates. As per the above, the nitrates are fine if you eat them in a vegetable that is raw or steamed, the danger occurs when you fry or grill your bacon and the nitrates react to the high temperature.

Is all Organic Streaky Bacon Nitrite Free?

No, not all nitrite-free bacon is organic. There are organic bacons made from organic pork cured with “natural nitrites”, and there are many nitrite free bacons made with industrially raised pigs.

Sadly 98% of pigs in the UK are raised in inhumane conditions, and there is simply not enough organic pork to produce bacon on a grand scale. Learn more about pork welfare certifications here.

We are proud to say that our bacon is Organic AND free from Nitrates AND Nitrites.

Read more about why we are confident that ours is the best bacon!

*Please be aware that the amount of fat on our bacon can vary due to the natural lifestyle of our pigs. During the winter months especially, the pigs fatten up so the rashers can be up to 50% fat at times. If there is a lot of fat, we’ll send extra weight rather than trim.

Also, as there are no nitrates or nitrites used in the curing process, the bacon is not bright pink but more of a greyish colour*


Weight 0.1 kg

Streaky Bacon (6 slices), Back Bacon (6 slices)

Ingredients and Allergens

Organically approved sea salt (no anti caking agent), Organic raw cane sugar and organic blackstrap molasses (no saltpetre)



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