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As our beef is aged, it is not recommended for people following a low histamine diet.

Generally speaking, it is advised to avoid all pork if you are following a low histamine diet as pork is particularly high in histamines.

The GOOD NEWS however, is that lamb and chicken are generally low in histamine. Our lamb and chicken, in particular, are extremely fresh, most likely the freshest you will find.

The best day to pick for delivery for the freshest possible lamb is a Wednesday. Animals generally come back from the abattoir early Tuesday morning, we will butcher and dispatch them the same day for next day delivery.

The best day to pick for the freshest possible chicken is Thursday. Chickens are killed on a Tuesday, then dispatched from us the following day for delivery on Thursday.

For more information check the following article: What is low histamine meat?

What is Low Histamine Meat?

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