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Is Your Meat Halal?

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None of our animals are killed via the Halal method.  

Our animals are taken to slaughter at Taylors at Bamber Bridge near Preston – a small family run company, by our own farmers in small wagons, and never mixed with other animals.  

We do everything we can to ensure the process is as stress free as possible.   In all cases animals are taken in one at a time, don’t know what’s coming, and are despatched in the manner considered to be the most quick and painless.  

Cattle and lambs are despatched with a bolt gun to the head, and pigs are stunned with an electric shock and then despatched with a knife to the throat.  

Chickens are killed on site with the aid of a bird funnel.  

Our animals are slaughtered at the following ages:

Cattle 30 months
Sheep 9-12 months
Pigs 9-12 months
Chickens – 3 months

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