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What If My Delivery Arrives Late?

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More than 99% of our deliveries arrive on time. Occasionally however, unavoidable delays can lead to a later delivery.

It is important therefore that you specify a safe place where the box could be left under these circumstances if you will not be able to wait past the expected delivery time for its arrival.

If the box were to arrive late, and there was no one available to take delivery, and nowhere safe to leave the box, your delivery will be taken back to the delivery depot, and it will be re-delivered the following day.

In the very rare situation that your box should be delayed until the following day, the meat will still be in perfect condition, and we will supply you with a voucher for 15% of the total cost of your next order as an apology for the delay. (Because of this 1% risk, we recommend choosing a delivery day at least 1 day before you need the meat. I.e. if you have a special dinner on Friday evening, choose Thursday or earlier for delivery).

For delays of more than 1 day, the box will automatically be destroyed by the courier company, and we will arrange either a full refund or a resend, whichever is most convenient for you.

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