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We have had to limit the number of packs per order of certain items, such as odd bits, nose to tail, stock bones and offal, as these items are in very short supply.

In a cow for example, there are around 40 steaks, but only 1 ox tail.

If 4 people order 10 steaks each each, that’s one cow’s worth of steaks. If 4 people order 10 ox tails, that’s 40 cow’s worth of ox tails!

People ask us why can’t we just put a stock level on the website, but unfortunately, it’s not so simple for a few reasons:

  1. We can’t control when people choose delivery. Perhaps we have 5 tails in stock now on the website, but Customer A places an order today in advance for next month (by which time these ox tails will no longer be fresh). Customer B then logs on to make an order for this week but finds the ox tail out of stock.
  2. We think it’s fairer that more people have a chance to get a smaller a share, than a few lucky customers taking it all.
  3. Most offal is delivered fresh from the abattoir on the morning of dispatch. It’s very hard to predict exactly what will be delivered in advance.
  4. If we can’t send the items you ordered, it will be at most only a couple of items so won’t make such a big impact to your order.

So please understand, we do not limit these items to be mean or difficult, they are simply in very short supply, and we do so to maximise the possibility that everyone can get the products that they order on the delivery day of their choice.

We hope that you understand.

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