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Our Organic Christmas Range is On Sale Now:

New! Organic Cheese and Butter

We are happy to announce the addition of some organic British dairy products to our range:

Calon Wen Organic Unsalted Welsh Butter 250g

Calon Wen butter is a traditional, Welsh butter made from organic cream, deliciously delicate and versatile.

This ethical butter is sustainably produced using organic pasture-raised cream from a cooperative of 25+ Welsh family-run farms and wrapped in compostable packaging.

Galloway Raw Organic Cheddar 220g

This delicious Organic Raw Cheddar is made by Alan & Helen Brown with fresh unpasteurised milk from their herd of pasture-raised cows in Galloway, Scotland.

Made with raw milk collected the same day, then carefully aged to perfection over a minimum of 12 months to produce the perfect full flavour hard cheddar.

Leagram’s Organic Lancashire Cheese 250g

Traditional handmade waxed Lancashire Cheeses made with Organic Cow’s milk.

Available in 3 varieties:


Smooth and Creamy with a well-rounded texture. Gold medal winner at the British Cheese Awards.


Slightly sharper flavour than the Creamy, with a crumbly texture but remaining moist and refreshing. Won silver at the British Cheese awards.


Aged for between 8-12 months for those that love a full-flavoured more robust cheese. Our personal favourite!

Are these dairy products grass-fed?

These dairy products are certified organic. This guarantees that the cows spend their whole lives out on fresh pasture, free to roam and graze for their natural diet. Most organic dairy cows also receive some additional organic cereals, but this is just a supplement, not their staple food as with a grain-fed cow.

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