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Our Organic Christmas Range is On Sale Now:

Organic Grass-Fed Beef Rib on the Bone

Alternative Organic Roasts for Christmas

Looking for something other than turkey or goose for your Christmas dinner? Why not try one of our delicious Organic Christmas Roasts?

Delicious, nutritious and sustainable, our organic and grass-fed Christmas roasts are a great option for those who either aren’t so keen on poultry or simply prefer the rich flavour of red meat.

The following are our favourite options for an Alternative Organic Christmas Roast:

Grass-Fed Beef Rib on the Bone

Surely the most spectacular of dinner table centrepieces! A single rib weighs approximately 1.4kg and should be sufficient for your typical family of four.

Grass-Fed Leg of Lamb with Gluten-Free Apricot Stuffing

Beef is not the only 100% Grass-fed Christmas Roast option! Lamb is always a wonderful alternative Christmas option, and we’ve made it even more so with the addition of our gluten-free apricot stuffing.

Organic Pork Leg with Gluten-Free Stuffing

Pigs are omnivores so can’t be 100% grass-fed. Ours are raised on fresh pasture however, we’re they can roam and forage for their natural diet. FIlled with our organic, gluten-free sage and onion Christmas stuffing, this marvellous centre piece certainly won’t disappoint!

Looking for something more traditional for your Christmas dinner? Check out the full Christmas range:

Whichever you decide to pick, make sure to check our guide to cooking the perfect roast below to ensure your Christmas dinner turns out just perfect!

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