New! Organic Cheddar Cheeses from Calon Wen

We are happy to announce the addition of some new organic British dairy products to our range:

Calon Wen Organic Mellow Creamy Cheddar – 200g

Calon Wen Mellow Creamy Cheddar offers a delightful combination of smoothness, creaminess, sharpness, and richness. It is a delightful indulgence that is ideal for spreading on your morning toast or enjoying as a delectable cheesy snack. This cheese boasts a simple yet indulgent buttery flavor, crafted with care using organic milk sourced from our Welsh family-run farms. Why not place an order today and have this exquisite Welsh cheese delivered straight to your doorstep?

Calon Wen Organic Extra Mature Cheddar – 200g

Calon Wen Extra Mature Cheddar is an exquisite delight that effortlessly combines simplicity and a delightful taste. It is the ideal choice for cheese enthusiasts seeking a more mature and bold flavor, while maintaining a soft and creamy texture. This Welsh cheese is perfect for creating a deliciously uncomplicated yet satisfying toasted sandwich.

Are these cheeses grass-fed?

All of the dairy products we sell are certified organic. This guarantees that the cows spend their whole lives out on fresh pasture, free to roam and graze for their natural diet. Most organic dairy cows also receive some additional organic cereals, but this is just a supplement, not their staple food as with a grain-fed cow.

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