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New Ossa Double Cooked Bone Broth Concentrate

New: Ossa Organic Double Cooked Bone Broth

Introducing Ossa Organic’s New Double Concentrate Bone Broth

With this new double cooked organic bone broth, our friends at Ossa Organic continue to innovate in the world of gut healing, restorative foods.

Ossa launched their core range of broth products in 2015, helping ever more people easily incorporate these nourishing super-foods into their diets.

Now they’ve gone a step further to produce Ossa’s The Bone Broth Double Concentrate.

This gelatinous concentrate has twice the collagen of traditional bone broth. It is so nutrient rich and tasty that you’ll love to eat it off the spoon as a gut-healing jelly!

How to use

Available in Beef or Chicken in an eco-friendly glass jar, there are several ways to enjoy double cooked bone broth:

  1. Consume straight from the jar with a spoon
  2. Add a couple of dollops to a mug of hot water for a gut-healing brew
  3. Stir into stews, soups, ramen or noodle dishes to fortify your meal
  4. Add it to protein shakes for an instant boost of natural collagen protein, glycine and magnesium.

Ossa founder Catherine discovered the benefits of bone broth when breast-feeding her first son Jack. She found that it gave her more energy and vitality, glowing skin, nails and hair, and mental focus.

She’s since converted her whole family, including her two young sons, to a gut-friendly diet of highly nourishing bone broth-rich meals.

“Produced well, bone broth is arguably the best natural source of collagen which is vital to maintain good gut health and joint health, especially as we age and our ability to produce collagen declines. We simply cannot ignore the benefits of ancient nutrition and functional foods such as bone broth when it comes to our longevity and vitality.”

Catherine Farrant – Ossa Organic

Ossa The Bone Broth Double Concentrate Broth Jars are now available in the Green Pasture Farms store for UK Wide Delivery. For more information, full ingredients and cooking process, please check the product pages below:

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