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Our Organic Christmas Range is On Sale Now:

Our Organic Pasture Raised Fats Now Bigger and Better Value

We have a new supplier of tubs for our lard and dripping.

Not only are these better quality (while still being BPA free and recyclable), they are also bigger!

Each tub will now have a minimum of 380g fat (previously 200g).

The cost of both dripping and lard is now considerably cheaper per kg.

All of our fats from 100% organic animals raised on fresh pasture.

All our beef fats are 100% grass-fed (Pork cannot be grass-fed, you can read more here in the knowledge base).

Our tallow and minced pork fat are not treated in any way, they are straight from the animal.

Our dripping and lard are made by taking these trimmings and gently warming them until they melt together.

None of our fats are hydrogenated.

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