Sea Salt and Pepper Paleo Sausages (500g)


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We select only the finest cuts of organic free range pork for our paleo sausages.

As the name suggests, all that is added to these sausages is some sea salt and organic white pepper, nothing more, nothing less.

Please be aware, that as these paleo sausages are essentially just mince in a sausage skin, they will have a different texture to normal sausages, and may also be prone to discolouration (aka looking a bit grey) as there are no preservatives or anti-oxidants added (which are what usually make sausages and burgers look pink).

Weight .4 kg

6 x Thick Linked, 12 x Thin Linked

Ingredients and Allergens

Ingredients: Organic Pork 98%, Sea Salt, Organic White Pepper. Filled into pork casings.

Ensure cooked thoroughly before consumption.

Allergens: NONE

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