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What’s the Difference Between Stock and Broth?

What’s the Difference Between Stock and Broth?

What’s the Difference Between Stock and Broth? This is a question we get asked a lot.

You’ll find lots of articles on the internet explaining the differences, but they all say different things…

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer!

Differences between stock and broth?

You’ll find plenty of posts saying that the difference depends upon:

  • Are bones included?
  • Whether there is meat included?
  • If veggies are included or not?
  • What seasonings are used if any?
  • How long the bones are cooked for?
  • The cooking temperature?

All of these are important factors that greatly affect the flavour, texture and nutritional value of the finished product.

The problem is that there’s no universal agreement as to which factors define which products.

Some sources say that stock is just bones, simmered quickly at high heat – but others say exactly the opposite!

Difference Between Stock and Broth
Easily boost the nutritional value of any dish with a dash of bone broth

A Broth by any other name tastes just as rich…

The truth is that there is no official definition or differentiation between the terms stock and broth.

The names are used more or less interchangeably, and though they may have a set meaning for specific individuals or regions, there is no correct answer. Sorry!

So, please don’t focus on the name. Whether it’s called broth or stock doesn’t matter, what’s important is the ingredients, and how they are prepared.

What to look for in a high quality bone broth or stock:

The following factors should be considered when you are choosing a bone broth or stock (or buying the ingredients to make your own).

  • High quality bones from organic pasture raised animals.
  • Meat scraps are optional.
  • Veggies are optional.
  • Natural seasonings only – no artificial flavourings or preservatives.
  • Slow cooked at low temperature for 24-48 hours.

The benefits of bone broth come from the nutrients locked in the marrow. Choosing bones from organic pasture raised animals provides higher levels of nutrients, in addition to being more ethical and sustainable. Cooking the bones low and slow ensures that all of these nutrients are extracted and made easily digestible.

From Stock Bones to Ready Made Broths – We’ve Got the Perfect Product for You

When it comes to the highest quality organic bone broths, we have you covered.

If you want to make your own, you can use our Organic Grass-Fed Stock Bones.

For those of you who don’t have the time or equipment to simmer your bones for 24-48 hours (understandable!) we also have a range of ready made broth products made by Ossa Organics and The Paleo Broth Company.

All of these produced are produced to the highest standards above, available in a range of different forms to suit all tastes and needs.

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