Our Chickens are Raised on Fresh Pasture

Our Chickens are Raised on Fresh Pasture

To us, it’s common sense that chickens should always be raised on fresh pasture. It’s vital that they can roam around and forage for grubs, insects and a wide variety of wild plant foods.

Just like us humans, however, they might not be so inclined to venture out so much during the winter, especially when the weather is, shall we say, inclement…

The solution, these movable, bottomless chicken sheds!

Because there is no floor in the shed, even if the weather is terrible and the chickens don’t want to go outside they are still on fresh pasture!

The pasture stays fresh, as periodically (on a nice day of course), we shoo out all the chickens and mov it to a new patch.

By moving the sheds around, it ensures that the chickens are always on fresh pasture whether they’re inside or outside, and that the entire field gets equally grazed and fertilized.

Our chicken’s mobile homes

Your Chicken Your Way

Did you know we can portion your chicken for you?

Buying our chickens whole ensures that nothing goes to waste.

This doesn’t mean you have to receive the whole chicken whole though!

We can:

  • Portion the chicken for you into 2x breasts, 2x legs, 2 x wings, perfect for grilling, barbecuing or stewing

We deliver our fresh chickens on Thursdays and Fridays because they are killed specifically to order on Tuesday mornings. You can’t get a fresher chicken!

For this reason, if you want a fresh chicken the same week, please order by the end of the day Monday, for delivery on the Friday. Orders received later than this will have to wait until the following week.

Alternatively, you can choose Tuesday or Wednesday delivery and we will send you a frozen chicken which you can either refreeze on delivery, or defrost and store in the fridge for up to 5 days before cooking.

Questions? Just ask!

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