Buy a Whole Organic Pig and Make Great Savings!

Buy a Whole Organic Pig and Make Great Savings!

Buying a whole organic pig is a great way to get the highest quality pork, at the best possible price.

One whole pig provides a minimum weight of 35kg of delicious high welfare, sustainable, ethical pork.

As a whole pig is too large a quantity of meat to receive in one delivery, we offer a half pig for sale on the website. This is around 17-18kg of organic pork meat which will should comfortably fit in most standard freezers. The half pig bundle comes with the substantial discount of £45 over full price of the individual products.

Purchase a second half pig within 6 months to complete the whole pig, and you’ll receive an additional 5% discount. This increases the saving to £55.

Total saving for purchasing a whole organic pig = £100!

Our Half Pigs come fully butchered, vacuum packed in eco-friendly BPA free packaging, ready to put straight in the fridge or freezer. Once frozen, you have up to 6 months to work your way through all that delicious organic pork.

Get an Organic Whole Pig Butchered Your Way

Whether buy a half a pig or a whole pig, that’s a lot of meat, so it’s important you get it exactly the way you want.

Our Basic Butchery Option comes with the choices of choosing between:

  • Pork Mince OR Gluten-Free Sausages
  • Boneless Leg Joints OR Diced Leg Meat

You can mix and match as you like. There are a total of 6 packs of mince that can be made into sausages. You can have all mince, all sausages, or anything in between. For example 3 packs of mince and 3 packs of sausages, 2 and 4, and so on. You can choose any variety of organic pork sausages from our range (all organic and free from gluten or any artificial ingredients).

There are a total of 3 x 1.5kg leg joints in a half pig – each one can potentially be diced into 3 x 500g packs of diced leg meat. Again, you can have all joints, all diced, or any combination in between.

Buy a Whole Organic Pig
Our pigs are raised outdoors on fresh pasture to organic standards

Show me the Bacon!

Love Bacon? Then our Half Organic Pig with Bacon sounds like the perfect option for you.

We take 2 of the belly joints and turn them into 1.5kg of delicious nitrite free streaky bacon, and half of the pork chops we turn into nitrite free back bacon.

If you’d prefer more (or less) of either type of bacon we can do that too. Please just bare in mind more streaky is less belly, more back means less chops, and vice versa.

You can also swap the sausages for mince, and dice some or all of the leg joints as with the basic pig product.

It’s your pig, so you can have it butchered how you want it!

For the full cut list, and more details on butchery options and other frequently asked questions, please check the product pages below:

  • Half Organic Pig for sale
    Half Organic Pig
    Original price was: £226.29.Current price is: £192.37.


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